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I firmly believe that one day nursing at the bedside will be a rarity and basically, I wait for the day when nursing's primary function is proactive wellness. Let's prevent dis-ease where possible. Why not lessen the effects of dis-ease, when it happens? Finally, how about accepting, cherishing and allowing space for loving end of life experiences. I admit I am a bit of a dreamer and sometimes have trouble seeing clearly through my purple-colored glasses. I am enjoying learning the basic concepts of quantum physics. I'm still only 28 years old in my mind. And I see no disconnect between my military life and also being a bit of a Hippy-Dippy Spirit.

I am also very serious about patient education. Not the typical “here are your pre-op/post-op/post-visit instructions. How can informed decisions be made when not enough information is given and time for thinking doesn't exist? I'm passionate about heart health for women, especially minority women. I live to empower people to be actively involved in their healing. I want people deciding for themselves what is good health. As such, in my consulting business ...

I assist people with chronic conditions like high blood pressure, heart failure, & high cholesterol who want better health every day and want to improve their quality of life. What separates my services from other health consultants is that I have over 10 years hands-on nursing experience with heart patients. Because of this, my clients receive personalized & focused integrative care plans for empowerment and informed decision-making.Would you like to know more? Drop me an email to schedule a FREE 30-minute get acquainted call. I will respond in 24 - 48 hours.
Take a look around, and keep coming back - there will be much more for your mind/body/soul to enjoy!