THE Book to Have at The Bedside


Angelic Touch Health & Wellness, LLC Announces the Release of the New Patient Advocacy Book "7 Questions You Must Ask When Hospitalized:
From A Nurse Who's Been There & Done That!”

The debut work from clinical nurse Debra Lee James, now available from

This is THE advocacy book for all of us. If you've ever been a hospital patient, been a hospital patient yourself, have you ever had a Loved One in the hospital? For of anyone who was/is/will be a hospital patient, this is the advocacy primer you want at your side.

"Having been on both sides of the hospital bed with experiences bad and good, I've learned seven crucial questions that need to be asked and answered, in order for the best possible outcomes to occur. Questions such as, 'Why am I being admitted?', 'Who are my care team members?' and, 'Are generic medications being substituted for my brand name medications?'”

I earned my first bachelor's degree (BA Sociology, Cum Laude) from Howard University in 1984, where I was also commissioned as an Air Force 2nd Lieutenant. My nursing degree (BS Nursing) is from The Johns Hopkins University School of Nursing class of 2003! And a few months later, I was passing my state licensing exam on the first try. I joined the American Holistic Nurses Association in 2004, and have been practicing holistically for over 10 years. Primarily at the bedside, caring for cardiac and medical-surgical patients. I have also cared for hospice patients, those in physical rehab, patients in long-term care facilities, and home health clients.